Courses for your training

We always offer new courses to allow you to trade and invest more safely. the courses are all pre-registered and you will have access for life. once you have purchased a course you will be placed in an interactive class with a professor and other students where you can compare, ask questions and participate in the professor’s live shows to review the less clear topics. All courses are designed to invest in traditional traditional markets and in cryptocurrencies.

Free Trading Course

The Sat Group free course is a quick and free course on what bitcoin is, how it works, how to use technical analysis to understand the best entry and exit points and what cyclical analysis is.


Basic Trading Course

You will learn to recognize the market phases, the main indicators and how to use them to recognize the best moments to buy and sell a share or a cryptocurrency.


Basic Crypto Course

You will learn what blockchain, cryptocurrency, centralized and decentralized exchanges are and we will teach you what to look for when investing in a cryptocurrency.


Course Cyclical Analysis

Everything in the world respects a cyclical trend, and Bitcoin is no exception, find out how to exploit this information. Cyclical analysis analyzes the time with which certain cycles close


Fill Out a Smart Contract

This is a computer science course for programmers or for those with a passion for computer science. Is a medium difficulty course that will quickly help you create your smart contracts.


Course Crypto Trading Elite

In life you always learn new things. The crypto elite class is a lifetime path alongside Alessandro Tenentes to improve your results year after year. everything new he starts using will be updated


Services for your success

Thousands of people in the last year have invested in cryptocurrencies, a market that attracts more and more investors and is constantly growing. We always offer new services to allow you to trade and invest more safely. You will be able to take advantage of different services that help you create your business, participate in exclusive events, and courses and services in various cities

Security Audit and Ama

The SAT Group is creating a financial network to increase contacts and trust. submit your project and certify it with an Audit to assure others that you and your project is not a scam. we will do a careful evaluation to see if you are eligible. We will never betray the trust of our users

Crypto Business Accelerator

If you are thinking of creating your own business in the blockchain sector, you can take advantage of our experience by saving you time and money and creating a winning project. several consultants to organize your business. you will be able to access several low-cost launch services.

Private Lessons and On-Site Courses

If you are interested in an online or live course, please contact us for more information. Tell us what you are interested in and we will send you our best proposal guaranteeing you an incomparable result and professionalism. Don’t worry, we’ll get back to you quickly.


if you are trying to develop a trading bot or a web3 project, you are in the right place! we have developed several bots and we know the best web programmers3. you will pay a lot and waste time and money if you don’t get help.

Telegram Channels

We have selected some telegram channels where they post excellent analyzes that can help you improve. we also created the elliott channel where a trader using elliott explains how he thinks, when he enters and why.  ask for free access.

Free Advice

You may be looking for developed trading robots or someone to finance your idea. we have many contacts that could help you. tell us what you are looking for and we will tell you if we can help you. Request a free consultation.