Frequently asked questions.

Sat Group is the place where you can learn to trade wherever you are. With our online and classroom courses you can improve your trading skills and reach an advanced level under the supervision of experienced mentors.
We are not here to sell thousands of courses but to find talented people suitable for our training.
If you have any questions, the SAT and its team will always be available to give you the answers you need. Simply join our Telegram channel and ask for what you want.
Meanwhile, we report here a selection of doubts and questions to which we have given an answer.

The main advantages of learning to trading are:

  • Freedom of time
  • Unlimited revenue potential
  • Being able to do it abroad
  • There is no need to sell anything
  • There is no need to convince anyone
  • It is done comfortably from home

Yes, absolutely.

The lessons have been designed both to guide a novice to discover the secrets of the study of financial markets and to enhance knowledge and strengthen the safety and self-esteem of those who currently operate.

Each of our representative offices is equipped with projectors that allow you to follow the lesson in a structured way. You can only participate in the course with a notebook and a pen to take notes, although we recommend that you come with your laptop to do some practice on the graphs.

If you talk about on-site courses, it depends in which city you want to follow it. Each city has a different professor and a different program. See on the on-site courses page, which program they will carry out in your city.

SAT Group does not perform the function of examiner for the achievement of certifications. We only take care of teaching you the subject seriously, you can get the certification by taking the exams to the competent body

We recommend several exchanges with lower fees than other platforms like Binance or FTX, it depends on what you want to trade. In the second lesson of the free course you will find the list of the different platforms.
We have created partnerships to have immediate support in case of need and that give you access to various advantages (in some you can even participate with play money in competitions to earn real money). Use the Sat Group links to register and automatically access privileges.

Of course, in the "Invite and Earn" section you will have an invitation link, your friend will be given a discount on all Sat Group products and you will earn 10% for each product purchased from your invitations, also if your friend invites someone, you will earn 5% on purchases made by this user as well.

meanwhile, the first benefit is to become really better. This is not a pyramid, we want the courses to meet very high quality standards but you will also have other benefits:

  • You will be included in the Sat Group VIP forever, where analyzes and updates are published
  • You will be invited to all the events organized by the sat group
  • You will have free access to some exclusive channels.

We think about training good people, if you commit yourself and prove that you have become a good trader, rest assured that you will not have to go looking for a job but we will ask you to work with us.